About the Artist

Sandra Morris


Hello and welcome to my art work. I have always had a love for creating things that have meaning and brings joy to others. Whether it is a portrait of someone’s child or pet, or a scene that brings back good memories makes no difference to me. Once I feel the joy that can emulate from the drawing, my heart and soul begins to live out the realism of the drawing.

One of my friends calls it “Exceptional Art from a Beautiful Mind “.

God blessed me with a very creative mind and for many years I used this talent to help friends and clients decorate their homes.  As an adult, I discovered my talent to draw. After many years of sketching homes and painting murals on walls, I felt led to challenge my talents by learning to paint like the “masters”.  I started by doing an oil painting of my grandchildren. These first oil paintings now hang in our beach home in Gulf Shores, Alabama, and are adored by our guest.

Based on the overwhelming reaction to these first oil portraits, I decided to focus all my God given artistic talents on portraits and scenes that have meaning to me or to the one commissioning the painting. Having fallen in love with oils, God has blessed me by allowing me to study under the tutorship of one of the most caring and talented art professionals, Jessica Geist.

For the past 13 years oil painting has been my passion. I paint for the love of painting. When I paint from my heart it is like I am stroking a face or laying my hand on their hair. My love is in each stroke of the brush. My desire is that you will enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoyed painting them.

In recent years my love for painting has led me to start entering selected juried art shows. I have been blessed with being selected several times for first place or honorable mention.

My two favorite drawings: “On Watch”, photo taken from our pier overlooking Little Lagoon in Gulf Shores, Alabama, was honored first place and “Not Forgotten”,  a photo taken in South Africa by one of our friends on a mission trip was honored with an honorable mention award.


Sandra lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and Gulf Shores, Alabama. She loves to spend time at the beach in Gulf Shores and visiting the art shops in Fairhope, Alabama. A vacation to her is taking hundreds of pictures, whether in France, Italy, Israel or in the wonderful United States of America. She is always looking for that perfect scene that can capture her heart and bring joy to others. She has been married for 47 years and has 2 grown children and 7 grandchildren. Sandra is very active in her church.